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Catalogue No. WB600-6U-PIVOT

EZRAK wall mount cabinet – 6U

  • 6 height options (6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U and 24U)
  • Depth: 500mm + 100mm mounting depth 
  • Width: 600mm Welded frame (Pivoted swing) 
  • Front and side access (Spring pin removable type) 
  • Quick release reversible safety glass door 
  • Light weight strong construction 
  • Adjustable 19” panel mounts and front tray (1U) 
  • Exhaust fan 
  • Load rating 40kg 
  • Fixing kit supplied 
  • Color: Ral 9005 black 
  • Material: Cold rolled steel with panel mounting finished with Blue Zinc


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