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Catalogue No. 571910 + 67553 + 574544 + 576426

Arteor 1 Gang Round Switch with Light Icon - Mirror Red

Whether you need to install a basic system in a modest 2 bedroom apartment, or a large system in a deluxe three storey home, MyHome can be scaled to suit each project's requirements.

  • Based on 2 wire BUS system
  • Drives all loads, including LED and DALI
  • Modular - compose any switch you need from 1-6 gang
  • Drives any kind of motor for blinds (including venetian), shutters and curtains
  • Scheduling enables you to automatically turn lights on and off at set times and open and close shutters, blinds and curtains at optimum times to help keep homes warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer and thus reduce the energy consumption required for air-conditioning
  • Integrates easily with MyHome Sound Diffusion, Temperature Control and Intercom systems
  • Can be controlled remotely via smart phone apps and computers
  • Stylish switches available in the 17 luxurious Arteor finishes


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