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Catalogue No. 601987



The Plexo3 18 Modules Rows is particularly great to use for industrial applications. Thanks to its IP65 and IK09 capabilities, it is suitable for use in outdoor and industrial applications, as well as in agricultural and photovoltaic installations.


IP65 rating for outdoor applications
IK09 enhanced impact resistance for longer life time
Class II
Supplied with screws and wiring accessories: 2 cable glands (1 x PG9/1 x PG13.5), 1 claw for earthing
Self-extinguishing: resistance to incandescent wire 650°C
Door and cabinet fully reversible. Removable chassis and faceplates from 2-row versions up
Allows to achieve assemblies conform to IEC 61439.3 & AS/NZS 61439.3
2-position rail for modular products and moulded cases. Spacing between rails 150 mm
Can be fitted with perforated plates and solid faceplates for mounting non-modular products
Lockable door handle, sealable cover and faceplate
Double closing point to ensure a good seal. Handle can be fitted with a lock to guarantee safety
Box colour light grey L750A, cover colour dark grey R746A
Knockout cable entry at the top, bottom and sides of the enclosure. Can also be fitted with cable glands for easier cabling
Blanking Inserts available for direct sunlight installation available on request.

Catalogue No. 001967



The Plexo3 Joining kit allows cables to be run horizontally or vertically between 2 cabinets or multifunction sleeves while maintaining IP65 protection


IP65 rating for outdoor applications
IK09 for enhanced impact resistance (shock resistant polystyrene) for longer life time
Class II
Allows to achieve assemblies conform to IEC 61439.3 & AS/NZS 61439.3
Light grey L750A

Catalogue No. 601983-HRP

Plexo3 Heat Reflective Panel

While maintaining an IP65 rating, the new Heat reflective panel helps further to reduce heat inside the enclosure.

Available for all 12 and 18 modules rows enclosures.

Features : 

  • Light grey
  • 2mm opal acrylic
  • Fast and secure installation
Catalogue No. 601982

24 Module Plexo³ Enclosure IP65 IK09 Reversible Door

Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, as well as public and high-rise buildings, Plexo³ enclosures feature a cleverly designed interior space to make fit-offs faster and easier. With an IP65 protection rating, they are an excellent choice for damp locations. Use them for distributions requiring up to 36 modules.

  • 4 to 36 module options
  • Surface mounted
  • Class II insulated enclosure
  • Material: impact resistant reinforced polystyrene 
  • IP65 protection rating - excellent performance in damp locations
  • IK09 - enhanced impact resistance
  • Self-extinguishing: 650°C
  • AS/NZS3439.3 and IEC 62262 compliant
  • Rated operation and insulation voltage: 400 V a.c. 50/60Hz

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