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Catalogue No. 350231 + 352400 + 352401 + 352100 + 352181

SFERA Entrance Panels

Ideal for homes and small buildings, most BTicino entrance panels are modular so you can create the perfect panel for each project by selecting the frame size you need and then all the modules you'd like eg. push button, badge reader and inductive loop. This is the best technology to use when time-saving and ease of installation is crucial. The image displayed here are just a small sample of all the combinations you can create. 

  • Non-polar sensitive
  • Suitable for up to 3900 apartments
  • Up to 86 entrance panels in one complex
  • Push button call, digital call and address book module options
  • Badge reader modules available
  • Wide angle lens camera
  • Speech synthesis
  • Door lock release
  • Automatic removable IR filter
  • Vertical or horizontal alignment of multiple panels
  • IP54; IK08 (NEW finish) and IK10 (Robur finish)
  • Traditional configuration or basic functions; advanced configuration by software
  • Suitable for renovations
  • Integratable with MyHome automation system applications eg. Lighting


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