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At Legrand, Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the foundation of our business, our development strategy and the new challenges we face.

For many years now, Legrand has worked with its customers and partners to ensure profitable, lasting and responsible growth in its operations. This is how we meet the environmental, business and social challenges facing the world today and tomorrow.

Our aim is to innovate to offer sustainable solutions to our users, to act ethically towards society, and to make a commitment to and with the Group’s 36,000 employees. All the while limiting our impact on the environment.

At the heart of its business Legrand's CSR strategy is based on four points:

Behind each of these ten CSR issues, Legrand has defined priorities for the period 2014-2018. These priorities constitute its CSR roadmap.

2014 - 18 roadmap

Our 2014-18 roadmap sets out the Group’s key CSR commitments for the period. In particular, it specifies the 21 priorities the Group has set for itself to work on between now and 2018. The annual tracking of indicators relating to these 21 priorities provides a measure of the Group’s CSR performance.

Download 2014-18 Roadmap(0.84 MB)

Legrand... a responsible partner

Selecting Legrand as your supplier ensures a partner that delivers innovation, offering market leading low carbon solutions in addition to very high standards of corporate social responsibility. Working together we can create solutions that deliver less carbon to the environment.

An ethics alert system

An ethics alert system is in operation, which is accessible to all Group stakeholders in the event of problems involving accounting and/or financial matters, corruption, competition law, serious damage to the environment or the safety of people, unethical behaviour (discrimination and harassment), data protection, or a conflict of interest. All employees are sent this generic e-mail

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Commitment from the Legrand Group Worldwide

Find out more about the Legrand Group’s worldwide commitment.

Discover more about the actions and tools Legrand uses to deliver a more sustainable future for all it's partners.

Charter of Fundamental Principles

The Charter of Fundamental Principles reflects the way in which our Group conceives and understands the issues we face: it sets out the values shared by the personnel within the Group and the manner in which we wish to set ourselves apart as a company. The Charter of Fundamental Principles also details the Legrand Group's key principles with respect to risk prevention and the environment and, moreover, forms an integral part of our policy for sustainable development.

Download our Charter of Fundamental Principles

Fair Competition Charter

Healthy and fair competition guarantees the best possible working of the markets and encourages long-term innovation.

Download our Fair Competition Charter

Guide to Good Business Practices

By adopting the Fair Competition Charter, the Group has reaffirmed the importance of fair and healthy competition, and this guide aims to specify the rules for good business practices as mentioned in our Charter of Fundamental Principles. The spreading of good business practices is part of a wider permanent effort to respect our customers, suppliers and business partners, and to avoid involving them in any commercial activities that might be incompatible with proper business ethics.

Download our Guide to Good Business Practices

Global Compact participant

In line with the Group's values and the Charter of Fundamental Principles, Legrand's endorsement of the Global Compact is a major part of the Group's social responsibility policy.

The Global Compact is a United Nations initiative which aims to endow world markets with responsible values and practices, to enable all people to benefit from the advantages of globalisation. The Global Compact sets out ten principles concerning the respect of human rights, the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment, the protection of the environment and combating corruption. Click here to find out more.

A recognised transparent process

The performance of the Group's sustainable development process has been recognised by its inclusion in several international indexes that are accepted authorities on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including:

  • ASPI and ETHIBEL Europe indexes
  • the ECPI Ethical EMU Equity index
  • included in the SAM (Sustainable Asset Management Indexes GmbH) sustainability yearbook



The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is partnering with Lighting Council Australia in a voluntary product stewardship initiative aimed at increasing the recycling rate of end-of-life emergency and exit lighting batteries.

Legrand Australia is a Signatory for the ExitCycle program.

Download our ExitCycle Signatory Certificate

Australian Packaging Covenant

The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

Legrand Australia is a Signatory for the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Environmental Policy

Legrand Australia’s Environmental Policy document outlines Legrand’s philosophy and commitment in Australia and it’s export markets.

Download our Environmental Policy

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certification

What is ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 is an international standard that defines the requirements for an effective quality management system. It is based on the plan-do-check-act methodology, which helps organizations establish, implement, monitor and measure their processes to deliver results that align with the organization’s requirements and continually improve performance.

What is ISO 14001?
ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an effective environmental management system. It provides a framework that an organization can follow to achieve environmental performance results. Integrating it with ISO 9001 further assist Legrand Australia in accomplishing its organizational goals.

Download our Legrand Australia Quality Policy

Download our ED-6323424-LEGRAND-9001

Download our ED-6323424-LEGRAND-14001